Nothing Lonelier Then The Far Side Of A King Sized Bed



Growing up in  home filled with 6 other siblings people always spotted me out as the child with the wild eyes. Although annoying, I always had an unending amount of energy and life. I could go for hours without getting tired. I grew up on a big farm with my siblings and parents. It amazing how much can change in 4 months.

In the course of a few months I moved into town. It was a brand new adventure and I couldn’t be happier! I got a new room to decorate, new neighbors to meet, new property to trespass on, It was a brand new start. And then it my family like a tidal wave of misgiving. A few documents, a few words, and two of my biggest role models parting ways. On a cold sunday night I received a mass PDF file of a letter my dad wrote to me and my siblings. It explained why he had to leave and that we shouldn’t question him because it was between my mother and him. My mother knew nothing of this. She didn’t know he wanted to leave until the sunday at Hilltop Cafe! That day, he never came home. You see, he had this all figured out, because he ad planned this for 5 years. Now, my father lives with friends in a small studio with camping lamps and sleepings in it. He had already packed up his clothes that day and his personal items he moved into storage units while moving. He had already detached himself while we all were feeling the closest.

Although tragedy happens, I still know what I need to do. Although I want to hate him, I don’t. This is actually the most important time to love everyone and make that known. It’s hard for everyone, but we don’t get a break from time. I can’t fix everything and I’m okay with that because if i try to fix everything I’ll just end up getting hurt.

My best wishes goes out to anyone in any situation.



A Little Help From Your Friend

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Everyday, we are constantly faced with choices. Whether big or small each affect are life, negatively, or positively. In my family I constantly am reminded that despite any life decision my family will (1) always have my back (2) tell me when I am making a wrong decision. Along with my family (which is huge) their is also another who knows me like the back of their hand, my best friend. Often nicknamed as Summit, Lil Peach, Simmi, Honey, or Simsatr (my personal favorite) she consistently reminds me that she knows me better than me. Through every fashion trend, adventure, risk, and sad day she will always be there for me. I’ve gone through other friends  and recently just made a bunch but I value her friendship over 100 other petty friendships. Forever & Always